Reflective Address Sign

Seconds count in an emergency. Reflective address signs save time when emergency crews are responding to your house. We encourage you to purchase one of our address signs made of blue reflective metal background with large white reflective numbers. These reflective address signs can be seen from great distances day or night, and are the easiest house numbers for emergency crews to spot. Even if you currently have address numbers on your mailbox or house, they are often times too small or hard to see. Also, these blue reflective signs help us to not only find your house, but your neighbor’s house as well.

As of June 1, 2020 address signs can only be purchased via credit/debit card through PayPal, or by check that can be mailed or delivered to the fire station listed on this site.

Please allow a minimum of 24-72 hours for your order to be processed. All pickup orders will receive a phone call and email once their sign has been completed.

Signs are $20.00 if picked up at JTFD Station 2, located at 8500 Traphagen (near Amherst).

Signs are $25.00 shipped to anywhere in the continental United States.

Don't want to use PayPal?

Print this form and follow the instructions on the first page to order by mail.